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First Hightower Products and Solutions

Education and Training

  • Development of integrated networks to serve schools and other educational institutions.
  • Integration of computer education into pre-primary, primary and secondary school curricula.
  • Web-based distance learning at all universities and tertiary institutions.
  • Establishment of computer-based training centers to equip unemployed citizens with skills for self-employment or re-entry into the workforce.

Judiciary Information System

  • Case management is easier for Legal Counsels. From the comfort of their chambers, they can file cases and make payments over a secured web portal with a credit or debit card;
  • Legal Counsels can also keep track of their cases anywhere in the world via the Internet using a secure login.
  • Incoming revenue is better accounted for and tied to Judiciary services;
  • Judiciary staff manpower is used more efficiently;
  • Case management is streamlined resulting in a higher number of cases processed annually;
  • A standardized workflow is utilised across the Judiciary;
  • The Judiciary is on par technologically with the developed world.
  • The use of JIS will ensure conflicts are resolved fairly, timely, transparently and economically by leveraging enabling technology

Network Readiness and Infrastructure Development

  • Enhancement of state network infrastructure to ensure adequate support for state information processing priorities.
  • Infusion of multiple modes of information delivery systems and networks including wireless and wired technologies.
  • Establishment of Local Area Networks (LANs) in all key government agencies to meet information processing needs with connections to a state government-wide Wide Area Network (WAN).


  • Use of information technology as a catalyst for improved efficiency by delivering easily accessible, integrated, interoperable, responsive, and secure government services to individuals and businesses.
  • Preparation of government agencies to provide modernized public services.
  • Active reformation of public service to a service delivery model that is more efficient, effective, and accountable.
  • Reduction of silo approaches and fostering of a joined-up government.
  • Development of more efficient electronic systems for engagement in government-to-government (G2G), government-to-business (G2B) and government-to-citizens (G2C) transactions.
  • Development of a government-wide Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to promote the sharing of information and resources.
  • Making government documents available through online processes.

Contact Centers

  • Expert contact center consulting that enhances customer service effective, efficiently and dependably.
  • Web-based integration of customer service applications that enable customer care representatives to take advantage of multiple assets and information sources to assist customers.
  • Proven solutions that can be customized for clients of any size and in every industry.
  • Well-tested deployment methodologies for rapid response situations. Our contact centers can be operational within 60 days.


  • Development of confidential e-health universal medical records as part of a state-managed Health Information System.
  • Modernization of health facilities with the capacity to use updated technology for medical diagnosis and patient care including utilizing of telemedicine for pathology, radiology, diagnostics and patient consultation.
  • Creation of online e-health portals for access to reliable, accurate health information from local and international sources.
  • Establishment of online appointment and referral systems for state government health facilities that is accessible to the public.

Security & Public Safety (Police, Emergency Responder, Sureveillance & Access Control

  • Increase in efficiency and productivity of crime investigations and case management by making electronic documents admissible for evidentiary purposes.
  • Employment of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to assist with law enforcement.
  • Establishment of a pervasive telephony system that will allow the movement of voice calls from telephony to shortwave with links to emergency services such as Fire Brigade and Health Services.
  • Establishment of an electronic record management system with the flexibility to store and retrieve textual and biometric data in digital formats.
  • Comprehensive security solutions for public corporations, private industry, military and state governments.
  • Electronic security solutions and services for single sites as well as complex multi-building/multi-site customers. These solutions include card access, IP video management, intelligent video, biometrics, perimeter protection, and seamless integration to enterprise systems.
  • Expert integration” of physical/logical security.
  • First Hightower InfoTech has led the way in all-electric vehicle barrier performance, safety, technology and reliability – surpassing the competition in every category. Our electric finger wedge and spike gates provide total and most reliable vehicle access control no matter what size or weight of the vehicle.


  • Increase of reliability of the energy system and enhancement of preventive maintenance through improved monitoring and diagnostic capabilities.
  • Reduction of risk by improving security and resiliency of the power grid.


  • Improvement of roadway utilization, reduction of traffic, and lowering of operating costs.
  • Improvement of security and operations while streamlining collaboration and enhancing airport operations.
  • Enhancement of customer service and creation of intelligent terminals, trains, and buses.


  • Improve existing web resources to facilitate greater global e-marketing of Nigeria

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