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Company Description

First Hightower InfoTech Limited is a leading full-service provider of information & communication technology solutions and scalable information management systems. Our services and software help government and business sector customers increase productivity, reduce costs, achieve a positive return on investment, improve customer service, and streamline business practices. Our mission is to exceed our customers’ expectations in every respect and to deliver true, benefit-driven solutions that build long-term business relationships.

First Hightower helped pioneer web-based applications, image conversion and document management services. Over the past 10 years we have amassed an impressive resume of satisfied customers in both government and business sectors, and we continue to build our future on that history of achievement and success In the government sector, First Hightower works in practically every area including law enforcement, transportation, administration, healthcare and human services, child welfare, regulatory, licensing, and many others. Our expertise with both Nigeria and the United States enables us to develop experience-driven solutions that help agencies and departments operate more efficiently, within tighter budgets, and with better results.

In the business sector, First Hightower helps companies streamline their operations for faster, more efficient response to customers. We help them leverage their existing investments to gain economy of scale and substantial cost savings. Hightower has developed and installed enterprise solutions in a wide variety of industries including banking, credit unions, manufacturing, legal, insurance, healthcare, construction, and many others.


Project Assurance




Application Development
* We follow one of the two approaches to application development and integration: Outsourced life-cycle application development, in which we assume start-to-finish responsibility for analysis, design, implementation, testing and integration of systems;
Cloud-Based Computing Solution
Today’s business environment is extremely challenging, especially with the struggling economy and the needs to deploy services and value quickly in order to extend your competitive edge.
First Hightower InfoTech is dedicated to delivering business and residential services and all forms of computer networking and integration. Our services range from Video Surveillance for businesses and homes to protect the home owner from unwanted intruders or predatory lenders.
Telecom Services
First Hightower InfoTech is an industry leader in delivering Voice over IP solutions. We are the only telecommunications provider in our footprint offering a VoIP product set as robust as us. With several options to choose from you are guaranteed to find a VoIP solution that fits your needs.
Program and Project Management
Successful completion of projects requires delivery of the right processes aligned with the business strategy. At First HighTower InfoTech, we approach every project with an objective perspective to meet the needs of your project — and your company.
Network Design, Support and Integration Services
First Hightower InfoTech provides complete computer networking services from start to finish. Our experienced technicians are knowledgeable about all the latest technologies, and can help you develop strategies to streamline your business processes.

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