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Telecom Services

Voice over IP Solutions
First Hightower InfoTech is an industry leader in delivering Voice over IP solutions. We are the only telecommunications provider in our footprint offering a VoIP product set as robust as us. With several options to choose from you are guaranteed to find a VoIP solution that fits your needs. Our VoIP services enable you to reduce costs, increase mobility, connect multiple locations, and improve productivity. Each of our VoIP services provides your end users with a feature that that allows them to easily collaborate with their colleagues, empower them to work remotely while still being tied into the corporate phone system and while also offering mobility options such as cell phone twinning and softphones. Some VoIP features provided by First Hightower InfoTech include:
Auto Attendant – enables even the smallest of businesses to look large and project a professional image. It ensures effective call handling by allowing inbound callers to select options from a menu of prompts that can route calls to user extensions, company dial-by-name directories and call groups, such as Sales or Customer Service.

Hot Desking – keeps your staff accessible, regardless of their office location. Users from branch locations, teleworkers and shift workers can have their extension follow them from location to location simply by logging into any phone with their extension and PIN. Inbound calls, permissions and feature settings will follow.
User Administration – a self-service interface is a ‚Äúmust have‚Äù feature for all businesses. It provides superior call control for individuals and site administrators and can be accessed from any web browser. At the click of a mouse, you can initiate moves, adds, and changes, and activate phones, without incurring the time and cost associated with in-house or outsourced IT expertise. End-users can program the function keys of their own phone.
Webmail retrieval of voice messages ì First Hightower InfoTech users can retrieve voicemail messages online via a web site interface and listen to messages deposited into their Message mailbox through their PC speakers. Users can listen to messages, delete messages, or forward them via email to any party they wish.
Mobile Twinning – enables mobile professionals to have their phone simultaneously ring to their mobile phone. Mobile twinning offers your business tremendous flexibility while providing your customers seamless accessibility, with only one number to call regardless of your location‚ Äîat the office or on the go.

Hardware and Phone Systems
When you are contemplating a business move, want to replace your outdated system, utilize new technology, or are interested in updating your current equipment, speak with the experts at First Hightower Infotech. We can custom-tailor a total solution for you.
First Hightower InfoTech is an Authorized Dealer of Nortel Networks, a recognized leader in delivering innovative technology solutions to aid your business by improving employee productivity, enhancing communications, increasing service levels, and most importantly, having a positive effect on your bottom line.
First Hightower InfoTech supports the installation and training of a range of traditional and IP based systems for businesses requiring 8 to 120 phone stations.

Why First Hightower InfoTech?
Elimination of vendor meets – First Hightower InfoTech manages and integrates the delivery of the hardware and the access. No more finger pointing.
One company, One bill, One point of contact – With First Hightower InfoTech supporting all your telecommunications needs, you can focus on managing your business not managing multiple vendors.
Cable and wiring – Our experienced and trained technicians support all cabling types.
Latest technology- Support for VoIP telephones, softphones and IP Trunks. Plus Unified Messaging, Centralized Fax, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR).
Operational security – All BCM systems covered by an active maintenance agreement are backed-up weekly to our centralized server system (some restrictions apply).

Wireless/Internet Access
Discover the Full Potential of Your Business – Switch to Leading-Edge Data Communications. With the power of broadband, your business can soar.
Our data services enable you to distribute vital business information to employees, colleagues, customers and vendors – at maximum speed. The opportunities for productive collaboration are unlimited: e-commerce, telecommuting, video communications, distance learning and a whole world of network applications.
We have designed a complete family of data networking services and Integrated Access Solutions to help you compete in the rapidly evolving business scene. Whether you want high-speed dedicated Internet access or an integrated solution for your voice and internet services, we deliver. Call or e-mail us and find out how to get connected now.
High Quality – Enjoy high-speed Internet connections at speeds of 6.0 Mbps. Guaranteed 4-hour committed response times, remote monitoring capabilities, and a 99.9% network availability guarantee ensure high quality and reliability.

24/7 connection – No delays for dial-ups or logins and no busy signals. Your business is connected day and night.
Security – Safeguard your service with 24×7 remote monitoring through our Network Monitoring Center. Our state-of-the-art monitoring capabilities allow us to resolve most network problems without interruption to or detection by our customers.
Simplicity – Pay one low, flat fee every month – for unlimited usage of your dedicated Internet service.
Flexibility – Internet access at the speed and price that best fits your business: select up to 6.0 Mbps.

Email/Network Faxing
Send and receive faxes as easily as email from your desktop, laptop or wireless device.
Sending and receiving documents over the First Hightower Infotech’s global IP network offers substantial advantages to expand your network without expanding your budget. There is no additional hardware or software to buy, install, maintain, or upgrade. Scalability is a snap, with virtually unlimited fax capacity and automatic bandwidth on demand. Other value factors include 24/7 system support, a completely multi-redundant network for enhanced security and reliability, and continual technology upgrades.

Send faxes from any email enabled device
Users can send fax documents directly from their PDA, laptop or desktop to any fax number worldwide. Simply address an email message to the recipient’s fax number and attach the document(s) the same way you would attach documents when sending an email. Attached documents are sent to Canan Inc’s secure global fax network, converted to a digital format and automatically forwarded to the specified fax number.

Other advantages
- Receive email confirmations of fax transmissions
- Automatically retries fax number if busy
- Attach multiple documents to a single fax transmission
- Eliminates the hassle of printing documents and manual fax procedures
- Send documents to multiple recipients simultaneously
- Store faxes in your email client for future reference
Receive faxes directly into your email
With Internet Fax Solutions, users are able to receive any fax directly into their email inbox for immediate or future access. First Hightower InfoTech assigns an in-bound fax number to the users email address all faxes sent to that number are routed through a secure network, and arrive in the user’s existing email inbox as a TIFF or PDF attachment. Faxes can be received whenever and wherever email can be accessed, and users never have to worry about losing an important message, compromising confidentiality, or not receiving documents because of annoying busy signals.

Other advantages:
- Receive your own individual fax number for personal delivery
- Choose from local or toll-free area codes for hundreds of cities across North America, Europe, or Asia
- Options available to port over your companies existing fax numbers
- Receive multiple faxes simultaneously
- Inbound fax numbers are never busy
- Delete, print, forward or electronically store fax messages just like email
- Eliminates manual scanning of documents for electronic storage