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Security and CCTV Surveillance
First Hightower InfoTech is dedicated to delivering business and residential services and all forms of computer networking and integration. Our services range from Video Surveillance for businesses and homes to protect the home owner from unwanted intruders or predatory lenders. Our vast expertise allows us to provide one of the most affordable and reliable Security Systems available anywhere for the small business owner. Our focus is to provide solutions to our prospective clients in the following fields:
Security: Whether you are a small business or public corporation, First Hightower InfoTech provides multiple custom or turn-key security solutions. CCTV, Access Control, Remote Video Monitoring, Live Video Streaming, Digital Video Recorders, Linux Operating Systems, Covert Cameras, Dome Cameras, infrared Cameras, Alarms, Motion Detection, Broadband Internet Access are integral parts to a system that will provide you with protection, detection, and a variety of Deterrents for your business.
Communication: Our Data Center, located in Maryland provides us the ability to remotely monitor our customer’s sites and provide instant technical support or customer service should your system experience any difficulties. Problems are not uncommon in the world of technology, so our data center exists to provide our valued clientele the peace of mind from our virtual security net to protect against all types of potential crisis. More important is our ability to build virtual private networks using T-1 lines and satellite technology to provide all forms of secure communication from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world.
By integrating our in-house expertise with our partners technological capabilities, First Hightower InfoTech can provide our valued clientele the most comprehensive security solutions for public corporations, private industry, military and U.S. Government. Our strategic partnerships allow our retail customers the opportunity to purchase, build, or create the most advanced entertainment systems available.