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Program and Project Management

Successful completion of projects requires delivery of the right processes aligned with the business strategy. At First HighTower InfoTech, we approach every project with an objective perspective to meet the needs of your project — and your company. We help set up your Project or Program Management Office, so that at the end of our engagement with your team, you will have a well-trained team, processes and tools to keep things running smoothly.
1. We follow the steps below to help you realize your project/program management goals: 1. Visioning: We identify the problem you face and define the vision for a solution. This process is critical to ensure all team members share a common understanding of the project and agree upon its specific goals.
2. Scoping: We work with you to define your beginning and end points. We analyze options; develop resources, time, and cost estimates; and agree on deliverables, all of which help prevent costly scope creep and help set the right expectations.
3. Justification: We work proactively with you to document your project’s value through cost-benefits analysis by considering cost savings to increased sales to quicker turnaround.
4. Planning: We develop comprehensive plans that serve as a roadmap for your entire project. These plans link interdependent activities and personnel, internally and across third parties. Such precise input enables us to coordinate interconnections and identify bottlenecks or other obstacles that need to be addressed.
5. Assessment: We identify potential project risks early on. We then quantify the magnitude and likelihood of your risks and determine how to prevent or quickly respond to them.
6. Execution: The best-laid plans mean nothing if on-the-ground execution falls short. This is especially so the more complex the project and varied the stakeholders. Our project leaders work on-site and accept direct responsibility for managing schedules and budgets, proactively tracking and resolving issues, capturing project metrics and communicating timely with the stakeholders.
7. Communications: We develop a formalized communications structure that defines who needs to know what and when, and creates project-specific channels for sharing information. Transparency is very important to our success. The team then can agree upon goals, raise and resolve issues, and become a cohesive group across functions and facilities.
8. Team Building & Training: We use well-honed facilitation skills to work through conflict and political pressures to reach mutual decisions in support of project goals. We do serve to bring disparate individuals and teams to consensus and provide adequate training to transfer knowledge to your internal team.