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Audio Visual Solutions

Audiovisual Solutions
First Hightower InfoTech offers complete audio visual system implementation including engineering audio video design, programming, AV equipment installation and supply, quality control testing, space and implementation. We have structured our project management team to consistently deliver complete audio visual systems on time and on budget. First Hightower InfoTech employs state-of-the-art project management software to track a project in relation to other trades which enables us to work in harmony with a client’s schedule.
First Hightower InfoTech provides audiovisual consulting services for organizations that need technical expertise to develop the comprehensive and tailored system solution that will meet their presentation and business requirements. On all projects, we begin with a thorough needs assessment in order to answer the following questions:
* What kind of information do you want to share?
* How will your facility most often be used?
* What’s the environment you want to create?
* What are the objectives in adding the AV system?

Engineering and Documentation
First Hightower InfoTech partners with our clients to help them find the best engineering and design solutions to the communication and production challenges they encounter. Once we identify your communication needs, we do the following:
* Design solutions specially tailored to your needs
* Determine your power and space requirements
* Propose possible equipment scenarios
* Assess your potential future needs
* Install all equipment
* Follow up to refine your system
* Exceptional ongoing technical service & support
Integration Solutions
We rely upon our experience, industry training, and attention to detail in order to integrate and install systems that meet our client requirements. We provide thorough testing of all system components and features to ensure they function as expected, and we provide our clients with extensive system training, thus enabling them to optimize the use of their systems. We provide custom installations for the following:
* Classrooms
* Distance Learning
* Training rooms
* Meeting spaces
* Boardrooms
* Auditoriums
* Conference rooms
* Lobbies
* Cafeterias
* Multipurpose rooms
* Or anywhere you need multimedia integration.
Home Solutions
First Hightower InfoTech specializes in home automation, custom home theatre installations, whole-house audio/video distribution, lighting and HVAC automation, etc. We bring you the control of your home from a single remote control.
* Eliminate the frustration of managing multiple remote controls just to watch TV or watch a movie.
* Watch the ball game on all TV’s in your home and pipe it through your whole-house audio system with just a couple clicks of a single remote control.
* Turn on/off all the lights in your home for the night from bed with the click of a button on your television remote control.
* Pump your favorite song playlists through your entire home while entertaining or working around the house.
* Schedule your AC or Furnace to crank down 2 degree each night and back to normal settings each morning before you wake up…AUTOMATICALLY!
* Turn off the TV and game console in your kids rooms when it’s time for dinner!
* We exceed expectations